Paula embraces the very qualities that allow us to embody yoga to the fullest. Change is constant – in all levels of life, and Paula supports practice that expands our boundaries, transforms perspectives and creates positive change.

Paula is an international Yoga Teacher (RYT700), Yoga Teacher Trainer, Movement Educator (MA, SME) and Dancer, who grew up in Lapland, Finland. Her passion for ancient yogic science led her to study across Europe and Asia and she found her soul home from India, where she felt blessed to study under Indian yogis and Spiritual Masters. She is inspired to share the practices and inner work of self-inquiry that have had profound effects in her own life, in which the body-mind is finally free to ungrip and relax into ease and joy.

She holds a Master’s degree in Somatic Well being and her background is in African studies in the humanitarian organisation field. She has worked as an Educator in environmental and aid organisations in Finland, Kenya and Nepal. Her personal devotion to Somatic Movement, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Vipassana Meditation connected her deeper into the life force, revealing the transformative potential that is contained within ourselves. Exploration of embodied mindfulness has awakened her creativity and intuition, changing the way she perceives in a vital, loving and compassionate way.

Paula imparts her passion for ancient yoga philosophy and holistic well being in her teachings, inspiring students to find their fullest potential and ability to gain self-responsibility – from bodily health to self-transformation. Happiness is our birthright and no matter what our background, age, state of health, or religion is, we are capable of finding our innate ability to shine our light and become our dream. Returning to the mysterious union with the body, consciousness and soul.




Danny has an incredible gift with energy clearing and healing. I had several energy healing sessions which were so gentle yet effective that they stayed with me for days afterwards. The Chi Nei Tsang was a completely powerful experience. Danny is so soft and gentle in his approach and that combined with the power in the practice allowed me to release stored emotions that I didn’t even realise were still affecting me. Detoxing those stored energies has had a lasting affect on me and I feel more calm and relaxed even weeks later. I’m really grateful for Danny’s open and supportive guidance through the process and would highly recommend Danny to anyone serious about healing and clearing energetic blockages.” – Kensey, Australia –

“Dear Danny.
From the bottom of my heart and soul – Thank you amazing man and spirit for having the courage and inner-strength to follow your souls path and to be the wonderful person, healer and inspiration as you are.

I can’t find words to describe your pure light.. And how strong your channelling force is ..

I have been working with my inner healing for many years.. the strongest experience I have was the one I had on the healing center in Brasilia last year  And now this strong experience I have with you.

I was able to go so deep into the parts of me that need to be healed because I feel so safe with you.. YOU are so calm and humble.. emphatic and strong.. I can’t find the words to the describe you and your amazing being.. or the there is not enough strong words to describe you…

I’m now through the deepest and hardest part.. it was awful and Beautiful at the same time.. And I treated myself with compassion and pure unconditional love under this healing process. or the little girl who has been through this terrible traumas/experience and struggling with the inner blocks for years.
Now I feel as newborn baby with an new glow in my eyes.. I can feel the unconditional love for myself, other and life itself flowing inside of me.
Ones again, from the bottom of my heart – Thank you!”

Namaste / Saga, Sweden –