We offer a free daily meditation program that is open to all students.

The ZaZen Meditation program is based on four sittings a day and open to everyone free of charge. Each meditation session starts on the hour for a period of 40 minutes followed by a 20 minute break. Entering and leaving the meditation room should only be done during the breaks.

We follow traditional Japanese Zen meditation which is led by our Yoga and Meditation teacher Yaron Cohen XXXX Are you part of this Danny?XXXX.  Yaron's first encounter with the late Nishijima Roshi was in Israel in 2003, after their second encounter some years later, Yaron traveled to Japan to practice the teachings at Bukoki Ji with Harada Tangen Roshi also known as Roshi Shama, abbot of Bukoku Ji.

Realising the benefits of Zen with gratitude and compassion Yaron shares the teachings of Zen with the intent to create a healthier, happier, more peaceful world. XXX not sure about this - are you describing meditation or Yaron? XXXX

Impressed by the fast results when practicing together during a 5 week intense course led By Yaron, Henrik, Danny and Yaron decided to join forces to establish One Yoga on Koh Phangan. XXXX this is a story. its not about the meditation program. I would change the whole page to talk more specifically about the different types of meditation and the benefits that they bring XXXXX

We encourage the practice of zazen but any silent meditation technique can be practiced in the room during the meditation hours.

Donations are welcome!