One Yoga Teacher Training Courses and retreats are taught at Pranayama Garden. Pranayama Garden is truly a magical place with beautiful gardens, sitting areas, kitchen, dining, and of course, the spacious beautiful yoga hall. The peace and tranquility experienced here make it the perfect space for yoga and meditation. The only sounds heard are those of nature, thus contributing to the realization of our true essence.

The Yoga Hall in Pranayama Garden is modern and of a highly functional design, effortlessly combining wooden and concrete elements with traditional bamboo, all lovingly integrated with the stunning natural surroundings. The room itself is very spacious, easily accommodating 30 Yoga students and even more for meditation workshops, or events which require cushion seating only.
Our study room provides a feeling of space with a high ceiling and well-protected walls. Large, garden and skylight windows connect the hall with nature, allowing natural light to peculate into the room while still providing the necessary shade from theĀ  tropical sun. Mosquito screens and nets in front of all windows and doors make it possible to enjoy relaxing classes at any time of the day. Six silent ceilingĀ  fans provide a cooling breeze during the warmer periods of the day.