The beautiful Island of Koh Phangan has much to offer in terms of accommodation,  ranging from budget fan bungalows to luxurious villas.

OneYoga does not provide accommodation, as our expertise and focus remains with our training courses. However, we are happy to advise clients on the type and location of nearby properties.

The examples below are a selection of accommodation we believe to be suitable for those planning to attend the Teacher Training Course. All include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and balcony and are in walking distance of One Yoga.

Depending on the season, the example accommodation below start from around $300 dollar for the entire TTC period. If you are on a tight budget, there are basic wooden fan bungalows which start as low as $120.
The first example are basic concrete bungalows that come with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and Balcony. The bungalows come with fan or A/C options and are a 5 minute walk from One Yoga Center. Surrounded by nature and away from the road a peaceful nights rest is guaranteed.

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